kiptaart uit de MOA

300 grams of chicken thigh meat (to cubes)
piri-piri spices and some salt for seasoning the chicken
1 tablespoon oil or fat for frying (we use ghee or coconut oil)
6 eggs
3 cup whole milk
salt and pepper
a pinch of baking soda
a tablespoon of yogurt
a half cup of grated cheese (125 grams)
250g plain old baguette or bread (in cubes)
Transfer the chicken to taste with piri-piri spices and salt if necessary (my spice mixture already contains salt so extra salt is not necessary but can also be different, just taste).
Put a tablespoon of oil or fat in the bowl of the MOA, put the pan on fry, he will automatically 45 minutes at 170C on. Put the chicken pieces in the pan and fry until browned. Put the pan off.
Whisk milk and eggs together well, add the remaining ingredients and put it in a sealed dish or in a zip bag for half an hour in the refrigerator.
Remove the chicken from the MOA and allow the shortening sitting in the MOA. Put the chicken in the bread mixture and stir just as well together.
Put everything in the MOA remaining fat from the chicken, then briefly light and turn on the MOA on cake.
Wait until it is finished.

Enjoy your meal.

With thanks to Rick Sterling for his translation

Nederlandstalig recept


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